Sexual Health in the News August 20 - August 26

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The Dangerous Rise of Sexual Health Myths on Social Media – Allure
With limited sex-ed programs in many places across the country, apps like TikTok can be a resource for young people seeking information. But many of the self-proclaimed experts are doing more harm than good. This story mentions NCSH members GLSEN and SIECUS.

Other News This Week

The Mississippi Clinic at the Center of the Fight to End Abortion in America – The Washington Post
Mississippi’s last abortion clinic, known as the ‘Pink House,’ is at the heart of a Supreme Court case that could severely restrict abortion access for millions of largely low-income women.

Half of Americans Say They’d Avoid an HIV-Positive Doctor – NBC News
Four decades into the AIDS epidemic, misinformation is still rampant, according to GLAAD’s “The State of HIV Stigma 2021.”

Why the CDC Doesn’t Recommend Screening Straight Men for STDs – WebMD
In the CDC’s recently updated treatment guidelines for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), they added several new screening recommendations, including one-time screening for hepatitis C for all adults over 18. However, there remains little guidance for screening for STIs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea in heterosexual men.

Unacknowledged Rape: The Sexual Assault Survivors Who Hid Their Trauma—Even from Themselves – The Guardian
Surveys suggest a large proportion of women have experienced sexual assaults that they labeled as a misunderstanding. So, what can we do to address unacknowledged rape? Education is key.

More States Offer Over-the-Counter Hormonal Birth Control: What to Know – TODAY
Currently, 12 states and the District of Columbia provide over-the-counter hormonal birth control. While laws like this increase access to birth control, people might still have questions. The experts explain what we need to know.

1 in 4 College Athletes Say They Experienced Sexual Abuse from an Authority Figure, Survey Finds – USA Today
More than 1 in 4 current or former student athletes surveyed reported being sexually assaulted or harassed by someone in a position of power on campus, compared with 1 in 10 of those in the general population.

How Polyamorous People Are Dating Again After Vaccination – Rewire
Dating multiple partners was hard enough before a pandemic. With vaccines in arms, the community is adjusting to its new normal.

A Cervical Cap Is a Non-Hormonal Birth Control Method That You Only Use During Sex—Here’s How It Works – INSIDER
A cervical cap is a method of birth control that you insert into your vagina to cover your cervix. You also need to line the cap with spermicide to kill any sperm that make it past the barrier. A cervical cap is about 86% effective, whereas the pill can be up to 99% effective.

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