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After Roe, Teens Are Teaching Themselves Sex Ed, Because the Adults Won’tThe Washington Post
There is a burgeoning movement of high-schoolers nationwide who, after Roe’s fall, are demanding more comprehensive lessons on reproduction, contraception and abortion — and who, if the adults refuse, are teaching each other instead. This story features NCSH members Planned Parenthood and SIECUS. 

Other News This Week

Abortion to Be Put Further Out of Reach for Millions of Women as Slate of ‘Trigger Bans’ Take EffectCNN
With these laws in place, nearly one-third of US states will have restrictions or a near-total ban on abortion, according to abortion rights groups. 

Vaccines Have Slashed Rates of HPV Infection in Young American WomenU.S. News & World Report
A new study shows the HPV vaccine has been wildly effective, nearly eliminating the prevalence of the two most dangerous strains of the virus among young women by 2016. It also provided herd immunity, with prevalence rates lower even among those who weren’t vaccinated as the virus was stymied from circulating as widely. 

Black and Latino Americans Make Up Most New HIV Cases but Only a Small Portion of PrEP UsersThe Hill
There are multiple reasons behind the disparities in PrEP use, according to experts, but lack of community outreach and issues with having the drugs fully covered by all insurances are part of the problem.   

How Realistic Are the Post-Roe Abortion Workarounds That Are Filling Social Media? NPR
Mandatory vasectomies, building clinics that offer abortion services on Native American reservations, and placing children for adoption or foster care are among the most popular choices for post-Roe abortion workarounds, but experts say that these suggestions aren't realistic. 

Florida Teachers Navigate Their First Year Under the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law NBC News
One school district is providing a series of training videos about the new Parental Rights in Education law, while another has removed rainbow stickers from classrooms. 

Birth Control Coverage Gaps Scrutinized as Reproductive Health Landscape ShiftsPOLITICO
The Biden administration is responding to advocates and is working to support reproductive health policies it can control in the wake of the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade. 

A Yes/No/Maybe List Might Be Just the Thing Your Sex Life Is MissingCosmopolitan
Most of us aren’t taught to verbalize our sexual desires and can feel uncomfortable doing so. Whether it’s due to fear of rejection, what your partner might think, or sounding unsexy, it’s times like these when you could benefit from a Yes, No, Maybe sex list: a tool used by kinksters and BDSM practitioners for decades to establish ground rules and spark conversations around sexual needs. 

What Sex Therapists Tell People Who’ve Never Had an OrgasmHuffPost
If you’ve never had an orgasm, it’s easy to feel like your body is defective. But the reality is, there are many things that can contribute an inability to orgasm and plenty of ways to address it. Sex therapists share advice. 

What You Need to Know About Getting Abortion Pills via Telehealth Right NowSelf
If you want to receive abortion pills through the mail, the least risky option is to go through a health care provider who can write you a prescription. Here’s what you need to know about booking a virtual appointment right now. 

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