Sexual Health in the News August 18 - August 24

NCSH in the News

Insurers Must Cover Injectable HIV Prevention Drug- Unless Courts Void Mandate - NBC News
A health task force’s endorsement of an injectable medication for HIV prevention requires insurers to cover it by 2025, but a lawsuit might challenge this mandate. Dr. Jonathan Mermin, from CDC, is featured.  

A Sex Educator in Michigan Refused to be Shamed. Then Came the Backlash - The Washington Post
Heather Alberda, a sex educator and NCSH member, watched her work to promote sexual health, reduce unintended pregnancies, and prevent STIs being dismantled by Ottawa county officials. 

'Red, White & Royal Blue' Gay Sex Scenes Have People Asking Questions. We Have Answers - Yahoo 
Prime Video’s hit romantic comedy depicts queer relationships and offers an informative depiction of gay sex and sexual orientation. This article answers audiences' questions and includes comments from Dan Wohlfeiler, co-founder of Building Healthy Online Communities, an NCSH member. 

Visiting a Sexual Health Clinic: What to Know Before You Go - Giddy
What is a sexual health clinic, what happens when you visit, and who should visit? These questions and more are answered. Dr. Edward Hook, an NCSH member, is featured.  

Other News This Week

A Californian Was Killed After an Argument Over a Pride Flag Hanging Outside Her Clothing Store, Deputies Say - CNN 
Laura Ann “Lauri” Carleton, was fatally shot after a dispute about a Pride flag at her shop, highlighting the ongoing violence against the LGBTQ+ community.  

Most U.S. Students Say Their School's Curriculum Doesn't Include LGBTQ Topics - Truthout
Several states have passed laws limiting LGBTQ+ discussions in schools, leaving queer students to educate themselves about their community's history through the internet and by forming clubs. 

Many Americans Still Struggle with Health Misinformation, New Poll Finds - CNN 
A new poll finds that health misinformation, including about sexual health, is still widespread among Americans. 

Here's How to Protect Your Birth Control from the Extreme Summer Heat So It Stays Effective - Insider
Extreme heat can reduce the effectiveness of birth control methods like pills, condoms, and emergency contraception. Here is how to store your medication and the heat-damage signs to look out for. 

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