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The Best Sex Positions for People Who Have Menstrual Cramps - Healthline
Period cramps can be extremely painful and discourage you from having sex while menstruating. However, Dr. Katie White, a NCSH member, shares how sex and certain positions can help with menstrual pain and increase comfort.

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‘Snip Snip Hooray’: Vasectomies Among the Young and Child-Free May Be RisingThe New York Times
With the overturning of Roe v. Wade, urologists are seeing a dramatic increase in the scheduling of vasectomies for younger, child-free people with a penis.

Anal And Oral Sex Spread Monkeypox. Let’s Talk About It. Vox
As monkeypox becomes a public health emergency in  the U.S. and globally, health experts are grappling with how to communicate prevention interventions. Experts say clear messaging about risk reduction is the best option. 

States With The Toughest Abortion Laws Have The Weakest Maternal Supports, Data Shows NPR
New data shows that a majority of states with restrictive abortion laws have higher rates of uninsured residents, child poverty, and maternity care deserts. This article includes an interactive map that highlights each state’s data.

Pennsylvania Governor Signs Executive Order Banning Conversion Therapy NBC News
A new executive order in Pennsylvania directs state agencies to actively discourage conversion therapy for LGBTQAI+ people of all ages and ensures that state funds are not used for conversion therapy.

Post-Roe, How Safe Is Your Reproductive Health Data? Forbes
Privacy concerns about reproductive health apps have significantly increased since the overturn of Roe v. Wade. Cybersecurity experts share the reasons for these concerns and the most secure apps.

Florida To Ban Gender-Affirming Care Under Medicaid For Transgender Recipients ABC News
Florida is set to ban the state’s Medicaid program from paying for any gender-affirming health care services, including medications and surgery.

6 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Not Getting an Erection Men’s Health
Having difficulties getting an erection can be normal from time to time, but for those who experience it more than they would like, there could be underlying health concerns. Health care providers explain 6 concerns that can lead to ED.  

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