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Advocacy Groups Slam New Trump Rule Allowing Government Contractors to Bar LGBT Workers – CBS News
The Trump administration intends to add religious exemptions to an Obama-era 2014 executive order that prohibited discrimination in hiring based on both sexual orientation and gender identity, angering advocates who are slamming it as “taxpayer-funded discrimination in the name of religion.”

Planned Parenthood to Exit Federal Family Planning Program Aug. 19 Over Abortion ‘Gag Rule’ If Court Does Not Act – The Washington Post
Planned Parenthood announced they will withdraw from the Title X program August 19th after HHS officials required all participants to sign a pledge by that date saying they will make a “good faith” effort to comply with the new rule prohibiting abortion referrals.

Why Sexually Transmitted Infections Can’t Shake Their Stigma – The New York Times
We live in an era of sex positivity—until we get positive test results. And that’s unfortunate, because STIs are on the rise. An obstetrician and gynecologist discusses her experience witnessing STI stigma amongst her patients and the public in general.

LGBTQ Creators Sue YouTube Over Alleged Discrimination – Variety
LGBTQ YouTubers are suing YouTube and its parent company Google, alleging that the platform regularly restricts their abilities to make money by labeling their videos as offensive or sexually explicit simply because of their orientation.

There Could Be a Chlamydia Vaccine In the Coming Years, A Promising New Study Suggests – TIME
The first ever human trial involving 35 women suggests that a vaccine for chlamydia is safe and effective, a promising result after 15 years of vaccine research relating to this global epidemic.

What Does It Mean To Be Sexually Empowered? Experts Explain How It’s Different From Seeking Validation – Bustle
Experts discuss what it means to be sexually empowered and how it differs from seeking validation, including how a sexually empowered person could be someone who is overtly sexual or someone who chooses to abstain from sex.

Federal Experts’ Advice on HPV Vaccine Could Leave Adults Confused – Salon
A federal panel now recommends that people ages 27 to 45 decide with their provider whether the HPV vaccine makes sense for them, a move that doesn’t provide clear guidance and may result in needless costs and vaccine shortages.

When He Throws Your Birth Control Pills in the Garbage – Vice
Experts discuss reproductive coercion and how it is a form of intimate partner violence experienced by as many as one in four women (ages 18 to 45) who sought primary care, according to a study.

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