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Need Birth Control? Planned Parenthood Says There’s an App for That – CBS News
Planned Parenthood Direct, an app that is currently available in 27 states, offers birth control options, UTI treatment, and mobile booking for in-clinic appointments, and it will be available in all 50 states by 2020. This article quotes NCSH member Planned Parenthood.

Other News This Week

‘It’s a Scandal’: Spiking Congenital Syphilis Rates Put Babies in Grave Danger – The Washington Post
Rates of congenital syphilis, which can cause miscarriages, stillbirths, and severe birth defects, are rising in the United States—a fact that public health experts are calling a scandal as it is completely preventable.

‘Extreme’ Personal Grooming Isn’t Linked to Increased Risk of STIs – NBC News
A recent study found that women who practiced “extreme” grooming habits—shaving all or most of their pubic hair on a regular basis—are not at higher risk of contracting certain STIs, contradicting past research.

Reproductive Health Clinics Serving Latinas Grapple with ‘Domestic Gag Rule’ – NBC News
The recent “domestic gag rule” prohibiting Title X funding to clinics who provide or refer abortion services has disproportionately impacted Latinas and other women of color, who make up more than half of all Title X patients. 

Taking the Pill as a Teen May Have Put You at a Higher Risk for Depression – Inverse
According to a recent study, women who are using the pill or other hormonal contraceptives are at an increased risk for depression, and this relationship is strongest in teenage women.

The Abortion Underground: Groups Quietly Help Women Who Have to Travel to Access Care – NBC News
The Haven Coalition is an all-volunteer group of women who offer shelter to women who travel from places where it is difficult or impossible to get a safe and legal abortion. And the recent uptick in anti-abortion laws has them busier than ever.

No ‘Gay Gene’ Can Predict Sexual Orientation, Study Says – CNN
According to a new study, sexual orientation cannot be predicted by a single “gay gene,” but instead, a host of genetic and environmental factors play a role.

Using a Condom Wrong Is Really Common, So Watch Out for This One Problem – Elite Daily
An OB-GYN and certified sex coach share important things to pay attention to when using a condom, as the effectiveness of a condom decreases from 98% to 85% when factoring in human error.

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