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Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Legalize Workplace Discrimination Against Gay Employees – TIME
The Trump Administration  submitted a brief arguing federal prohibitions on employer discrimination do not include protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation, similar to a brief submitted earlier this month that concluded the prohibitions do not protect transgender people.

Rape At College: Why Back to School Is So Dangerous for Women – USA Today
The beginning of the school year can be one of the most dangerous times for female college students as it marks the “red zone” – the period from the first day until Thanksgiving break when the risk of sexual assault is the highest.

Philadelphia Suicide Throws ‘Transamory’ Into The Spotlight – NBC News
After a man died by suicide after being bullied for dating a transgender woman, activists are focusing on educating the public about transamory—people who are attracted to and seek out relationships with transgender people.

Why Viagra for Women Still Doesn’t Exist – Mic
Despite female “Viagra” being publicly available, it has yet to take off—and experts say calling it “Viagra” is a misnomer and ignores the research on what provides erotic incentive for women, as it works differently than Viagra for men.

Why Anti-Abortion Groups Are Backing Away From Abortion Bans – Vox
Anti-abortion groups have recently opposed state level abortion bans largely because they believe the bans are so extreme that they could hurt their cause.

So, Let’s Talk About That Whole Fertility and Age 35 Thing – SELF
Experts discuss fertility and age, including whether or not the age of 35 is really a landmark in decline of fertility and what other factors play a role.

What Men Need to Learn About Consent, According to Sex Educators – Bustle
A sex educator discusses consent for men, a topic that is often primarily discussed only with women likely due to the false belief that only women are sexually assaulted or harassed.

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