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Sex & Consent: It's Time to Ditch the Rules – Refinery29
A decade after Jaclyn Friedman co-edited the seminal book "Yes Means Yes," which redefined consent, she writes why sex shouldn’t be codified.

Do Men Really Exaggerate Their Number of Sexual Partners? – CNN
A recent study found that men are more likely to exaggerate their number of opposite-sex partners, possibly because men estimate rather than count all of their partners.

HPV Vaccine May Reduce Risk of Transmitting Devastating Throat Disease to Children – Forbes
A much lesser known consequence of HPV disease is that the transmission from a pregnant mother who has HPV in the genital tract can lead to HPV disease in her unborn child.

Sex Ed Is About More Than Just Sex – FiveThirtyEight
The focus on the “sex” in sex ed leaves out what many experts say kids should be learning in school, particularly at younger ages. Kids should also learn about their bodies and how they work, and how to form healthy relationships of all types.

School’s back! To celebrate, FiveThirtyEight’s science crew is discussing sex ed – why it’s such a flashpoint, and the role science can play in figuring out what kind of sex ed kids should get. Read more articles here.

With STDs on the Rise, Back-to-School Will Include Condoms in One Big Maryland County – NBC News
When high school students in Montgomery County, Maryland, go back to school Tuesday after summer vacation, some of them will have one extra resource available to them: condoms.

Syphilis Can Infect People's Eyeballs — Here's How the STD Could Leave You Blind – Business Insider
A rare manifestation of syphilis can affect the eyes, mimicking a range of ocular disorders. If left untreated, it can lead to blindness — and, according to new research, this problem seems to be growing.

5 Reasons Why Your Libido Has Disappeared – Women’s Health
It's completely normal for your inclination towards intercourse to fluctuate but if your libido has hit a serious lull it might be time to take action. Here’s how to combat some factors that cause this condition.

What Are Female Condoms? This Is How They Work & Where to Buy Them – Elite Daily
If you have a vagina, prefer to be the penetrated partner, and want to take control of your sexual health, you might be interested in female condoms — also known as vaginal or internal condoms. But what are female condoms, really?

Test All Pregnant Women for Syphilis Early, USPSTF Says – Medscape
According to an updated recommendation statement from the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), all pregnant women should undergo early screening for syphilis.

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