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Harassment and Indifference: Passengers Say Lyft Isn’t Doing Enough to Monitor Drivers – NBC News
Women are turning to social media to bring attention to the issue of safety and sexual harassment with the ride-sharing company Lyft, saying that their complaints of harassment have not been taken seriously by the company.

Enabling Sexual and Reproductive Rights for People With Disabilities – Forbes
According to the National Council on Disability, women with disabilities are less likely to receive annual Pap tests and mammograms compared to women without disabilities, and are more likely to delay getting the medical care they need. 

New Pentagon Program Aims to Capture Serial Sex Offenders with Victims’ Confidential Help – USA Today
The military recently launched a program which allows victims to file sexual assault reports that do not trigger an investigation, but allow the victim to receive health care, legal advice and advocacy.

How Living With HIV Changed After Learning He Was ‘Undetectable’ – Healthline
After learning the medical community wasn’t working to inform people that a person living with HIV who’s “undetectable” can’t transmit the disease to a sexual partner, Bruce Richman helped found Prevention Access Campaign to spread the word.

College Men Are Finally Asking for Consent – But Only Because They’re Afraid of Being “MeToo’d” – Elite Daily
Following the #MeToo movement, some have begun to use the phrase “MeToo’d” in reference to the threat of being accused of sexual assault. According to a recent survey, 39 percent of women feel men are asking for consent only because they’re afraid of this public accusation.

Oral Sex 101: Tips and Tricks for "Going Down" and Staying Safe – Teen Vogue
You are probably somewhat familiar with what oral sex is, but there’s a lot of misinformation, stigma, and shame out there. And there definitely aren't enough reliable resources that are both accurate and inclusive of various gender identities and sexualities. Here are some general tips and best practices. 

Is This Sexuality Scale Still Relevant In 2019? – Refinery29
According to experts, the Kinsey Scale, a seven-point system which is often used to describe a range of sexuality, is in need of updating. They say the scale is used to map attraction to two genders, meaning it doesn’t include space for people outside the binary.

What Age Should You Stop Taking Birth Control? An Expert Explains – Romper
Experts discuss at what age you should stop taking birth control and the many factors that impact it, such as smoking habits, blood pressure, history of blood clots or cancers, and personal preference.

Is Over-the-Counter Birth Control Really a Good Idea? – Self
There’s actually a lot to consider when it comes to deciding if over-the-counter birth control should become a reality across the US. What would over-the-counter birth control really look like in practice? Would it be a good idea for most people? Here, experts answer these questions and more.

How to Find a Sex-Positive Partner, According to Experts – Bustle
It can be challenging to find someone who meshes with your views on sex and sexuality. If figuring out how to find a sex-positive partner is important to you, you can take a few extra steps when vetting potentials to better ensure you get what you want and need from the get-go.

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