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The Moral Panic Behind Sex Ed – The Establishment
The way we teach sex has long been about our feelings. What’ll it take to focus on the facts? NCSH members Jenelle Pierce of The STD Project and SIECUS are both quoted.

What Happens To Your Period Blood If You Miss A Month? – Refinery29
Sometimes, you may not get your period. So, what happens to your period blood? To seriously answer this, you've got to understand what causes you to miss a period in the first place. NCSH arranged interviews with Dr. Rachel Cannon and Dr. Kelly Treder, of Boston Medical Center, to explain

STIs Are Becoming a Public Health Crisis, According To National Coalition of STD Directors – Refinery29
STIs are becoming a public health crisis, and David Harvey, executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors, an NCSH member, is calling on President Trump to officially declare a state of emergency.

Rates of Three STDs in US Reach Record High, CDC Says – CNN
Rates of syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia have climbed for the fourth consecutive year in the United States. Last year, nearly 2.3 million cases of these STDs were diagnosed, the highest number ever reported nationwide.

5 Reasons Why 3 STDs Are Roaring Back in America – Vox
What’s behind the increase in STDs? There’s no single explanation. Like most health trends, it’s complicated. But here are a few ideas, according to experts.

Why Are STDs on the Rise If Americans Are Having Less Sex? – The Atlantic
It might seem logical that higher STD rates would go hand in hand with increased sexual activity, but a flurry of recent research indicates American adults are actually having less sex on average than they have in decades. However, that sex might be riskier.

HPV-Related Cancer Rates Are Rising. So Are Vaccine Rates — Just Not Fast Enough. – Washington Post
Cancers linked to HPV increased significantly over the last 15 years, with throat cancer the most common HPV-related malignancy. At the same time, HPV vaccination rates are rising, but not fast enough.

New Rules Would Boost Rights of Those Accused of Campus Sexual Assaults – Wall Street Journal
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is preparing to release new rules strengthening protections for students accused of sexual assault on campus and lightening the burden placed on schools.

PrEP Price Increases Make the HIV-Preventative Drug Inaccessible for Those Who Need It Most – Bustle
PrEP has been a game-changer in terms of HIV prevention in recent years. But while the drug has the potential to dramatically curb HIV infections on a global scale, rising PrEP costs affect its accessibility.

How the Dutch Do Sex Ed – The Atlantic
In the Netherlands, one of the world’s most gender-equal countries, kids learn about sex and bodies starting at age 4.

How Do I Improve My Sex Life? 16 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Getting Hot & Heavy – Bustle
When you are considering questions to ask your partner to improve your relationship, consider adding these sex-related questions to the mix.

The Best Lube to Use for Your Favorite Kind of Sex Refinery29
If you are looking to get a little more knowledgeable about your lube selection, there are plenty of options, some of which are better depending on the sex position or situation.

The 4 Gonorrhea Symptoms Every Man Should Know – Men’s Health
Although some guys with gonorrhea won't exhibit any symptoms, there are certain tell-tale signs, particularly as the infection progresses. Here are four gonorrhea symptoms you should watch out for.

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