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The FDA Approved an App to Prevent Pregnancy. Can an App Do That? – Washington Post
The FDA approved Natural Cycles, making it the first app approved by the government to prevent pregnancy. The app is marketed as “a natural method of contraception that is powered by a smart algorithm.

Promoting the HPV Vaccine Doesn’t Lead to More Teen Sex, Study Shows – PBS News Hour
According to a new study, teens are no more sexually promiscuous in states that have passed legislation promoting the HPV vaccine than those living in states that have not.

People Taking HIV-Prevention Pill May Get More Primary Care – NBC News
A new study found that when people take PrEP, they are also more likely to get routine care like flu shots and recommended screenings for common health problems.

7 Things Sex Educators Wish You’d Teach Your Kids Sooner Rather Than Later – Huffington Post
Even if your kids are lucky enough to be in a school district that offers a relatively comprehensive program, parents are still responsible for educating them, too.

A Transition in Care for Transgender Patients – US News & World Report
Initially slow to develop, transgender health care has become more available in recent years in medically progressive California, where providers are hoping to make patient trips to other countries a thing of the past.

Which States Have the Most STDs? – Newsweek
STDs are on the rise across the US. According to the CDC‘s most recent Sexually Transmitted Diseases Surveillance Report, chlamydia rates rose 4.7% between 2015 and 2016, with gonorrhea rising 18.5% and syphilis jumping 17.6%.

A Birth Control Ring You Can Use for a Whole Year Is Now FDA-Approved – Self
The only thing better than effective birth control is effective birth control that you don’t have to think about. The FDA recently approved a new set-it-and-forget-it option: Annovera, a reusable vaginal ring that you can use for a full year.

Can’t Decide On A Birth Control Method? This Should Help – Huffington Post
From the pill to the patch, the IUD to the implant, there are tons of different birth control options to choose from, but it also can be incredibly overwhelming. There are side effects, frequency of use, hormone amounts, your lifestyle and numerous other factors you need to consider.

What the Hell Are Lambskin Condoms, and Should You Be Using Them? – Men’s Health
From colored to textured to flavored, there is an endless amount of condom styles to choose from. But when all is said and done, your choices end up coming down to two major categories: latex or lambskin.

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