Sexual Health in the News April 9 - April 15

NCSH in the News

Once on the Brink of Eradication, Syphilis Is Raging Again – NPR
In 2000, syphilis rates were so low that public health officials believed eradication was on the horizon. But rates started creeping up in 2001, grew steadily for next two decades, then spiked 74% since 2015. This story features Dr. Ina Park, from CAPTC, a NCSH member. 

This Record-Breaking Year for Anti-Transgender Legislation Would Affect Minors the Most – CNN
Thirty-three states have introduced more than 100 bills that aim to curb the rights of transgender people across the country, with advocacy groups calling 2021 a record-breaking year for such legislation. This story features NCSH member, GLSEN.

Tools for Teens to Call Out Sexual Violence – The New York Times
A sex ed teacher talks about how young people can try to keep themselves safe from sexual assault and be allies to others. NSVRC, a NCSH member, is featured.

Other News This Week

STDs Again Hit All-Time High in U.S. – U.S. News & World Report
Cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis continued to grow in the country in 2019, a new CDC report shows. 

President Biden Is Asking Congress for $670 Million to End the HIV/AIDS Pandemic – The Hill
The funding would go towards “access to treatment, expanding the use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (also known as PrEP), and ensuring equitable access to services and supports.” 

A Realistic Guide to Safer Sex During COVID-19 – Healthline
From how the definition of safer sex changes during a pandemic to how to share your STI and COVID-19 status with a potential partner, here is a realistic guide to having safer sex amidst COVID-19.

Yes, Alcohol Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction—Here’s What to Do If You or Your Partner Experience ‘Whiskey Dick’ – INSIDER
"Whiskey dick", or alcohol-related erectile dysfunction, occurs when a person can't get or maintain an erection due to intoxication. Here's what you should know, how to avoid whiskey dick, and how to address it during sex.

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