Sexual Health in the News April 8 - April 14

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S.T.I.s Are on the Rise. Here’s What to Know About Testing and PreventionThe New York Times
According to a new CDC report, the rates of many STIs rose in 2020. Experts explain this rise and share guidance on testing. This article features David Harvey of the National Coalition of STD Directors, a NCSH member. 

Is the Next Phase of Sex Positivity Choosing Not to Have Sex? Vogue
Sexual empowerment comes in many different forms. This article shares how choosing not to have sex can be a form of sexual positivity and empowerment. Justin Garcia, of the Kinsey Institute, an NCSH member, is featured.

Other News This Week

Kentucky Legislature Overrides Governor's Veto Of Transgender Sports BanNBC News
Kentucky’s Legislature overrode the Governor’s veto of a bill prohibiting transgender girls and women from playing on female sports teams, making it the 6th state to enact such a law this year and the 15th to date.

Pandemic Led To Fewer Adolescents Vaccinated Against HPV, CDC SaysThe Washington Post
New CDC data  reveals dramatically lower rates of HPV vaccinations for adolescents since COVID started. Adolescents in rural areas were less likely to be up to date on the vaccine series.

A Report On Violence Against Kids With Disabilities Is Sobering — If Not SurprisingNPR
A new study suggests that nearly a third of children and adolescents with disabilities have experienced violence – defined as physical, emotional, or sexual abuse as well as neglect.

Sexual Coercion: Definition, Examples, And RecoveryMedical News Today
Citing information from the Office of Women’s Health, experts explain what sexual coercion is, examples of sexual coercion, and resources for those who may have experienced it.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: 15 People Share What They Wish They Knew About Consent When They Were YoungerTeen Vogue
15 individuals share what they wish they knew about sex, consent, and boundaries when they were younger. 

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