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STI vs STD: Do They Mean the Same Thing? Here's How Experts Explain It – Health
Sexual health experts explain the difference between the terms “STI” and “STD,”  and why experts might use one or the other depending on the situation. NCSH member, ASHA, is quoted.

Sex Ed Often Leaves Out Queer People. Here's What To KnowNPR
There is no national mandate for sex education in the U.S., and even in the states that do provide courses, homosexuality is often disregarded or vilified. This article describes the importance of comprehensive LGBTQ+ sex ed on Queer youth. It features NCSH member, SIECUS.

Other News This Week

American Medical Association Urges Governors To Veto Transgender Medical BansNBC News
The AMA is urging governors nationwide to oppose legislation banning  transition-related care for minors, calling such bills “a dangerous governmental intrusion into the practice of medicine.”

After Failures to Curb Sexual Assault, a Move Toward a Major Shift in Military Law –  New York Times
After decades of failing to curb sexual assault in the armed forces, lawmakers and Pentagon leaders are poised to make major changes in military laws that experts have argued stand in the way of justice.

Ohio To Allow Transgender People To Change Birth Certificate GenderNBC News
Ohio will soon join nearly every other state in the country in allowing transgender people born in the state to change the gender markers on their birth certificates.

Arizona Governor Signs Abortion Ban For Genetic Issues –  PBS
The Arizona Governor signed a sweeping anti-abortion bill with a slew of restrictions, including a ban on the procedure in the case of fetal genetic abnormalities, and a personhood provision, giving full civil rights to unborn children.  

Is Shame Limiting Your Sex Life? Experts Weigh InBustle
This video provides insights into how shame and stigma may affect your sex life, how COVID might help improve communications, and ways to destigmatize topics such as STI’s and sexual problems.

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