Sexual Health in the News April 2 - April 8

NCSH in the News

The ACA Has a Critical Role in Ensuring Access to Contraception for All– Ms. Magazine
The Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive coverage requirement has increased the use of birth control. But the pandemic took a major toll on access to contraception, perpetuating inequities in access. This story was written by Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley, CEO of Power to Decide, an NCSH member. 

Why Men Are Left Out of the Sex Positivity Movement– InsideHook
If you feel excluded from sex positivity as a man, it’s because you are. Allow a woman to explain why, and how, that can change. This story features NCSH member, Dr. Justin Lehmiller, of the Kinsey Institute.

Other News This Week

Biden Administration Announces Next Steps in Overhauling Title IX Campus Sexual Assault Rules – NBC News
The government is planning multiple opportunities for the public to weigh in on how schools should respond when a student reports sexual misconduct.

What Are Puberty Blockers? Arkansas Ban Puts Spotlight on Hormone Treatment – TODAY
Puberty blockers can be prescribed to both cisgender and transgender children, and be used in treatments for adults as well.

Research Shows Promising Development in Hunt for HIV Vaccine – ABC News
Preliminary data from an early-stage clinical trial suggests that a new HIV vaccine may hold promise. Though they’ve shown success, the trials are still in the very early stages.

Utah Law Requires Biological Fathers to Pay Half of Pregnancy-Related Medical Costs – NPR
Supporters of the legislation say it will lessen the financial burden of pregnancy for women and increase responsibility for men who father children, while critics say it falls short in other important areas.

RIP Yahoo Answers, The Guide to My Sex Education – VICE
The internet’s repository of “stupid” questions is shutting down. But it was there for many growing up in a country where no spoke openly about sex.

Asexuality Is One of the Most Misunderstood Sexual Orientations. This Is What It’s Really Like. – INSIDER
1% of the world identifies as asexual, meaning they have little to no sexual attraction to others. People wrongly assume asexual folks are “broken,” but asexuality is as valid as any other sexuality.

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