Sexual Health in the News April 15 - April 21

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Gender equity, family planning missing from US city climate plans: report – The Hill
American women and gender-diverse individuals are disproportionately affected by climate change, but municipal climate plans fail to address family planning or gender equity solutions. The report was developed by NCSH member the Center for Biological Diversity.  

Other News This Week

GOP turns to false insinuations of LGBTQ grooming against Democrats  – The Washington Post
In recent weeks, Republicans have reverted to verbal and legal assaults on Democrats, sometimes employing baseless tropes that suggest children are being groomed or recruited by defenders of gay rights. 

How Restricted Reproductive Care Impacts All Of The Black CommunityEssence Magazine
The Center for Reproductive Rights’ senior advisor for maternal health and rights explains how to mitigate reproductive injustices during black maternal health week. 

How to recognize gaslighting and respond to itThe Washington Post
Gaslighting is common in toxic relationships and situations where one person wants control and perhaps feels as if they’re losing their grip over their partner (or their child or work colleague). 

Few Sexually Active Teens Are Getting Tested for Sexually Transmitted DiseasesEveryday Health
STDs may be more common in young people than commonly believed. Yet, only one in five sexually active young people reported getting tested for STDs in the previous year. 

What Does It Mean To Be Bigender? Experts Explain The Gender IdentityWomen's Health
Along with terms like non-binary, genderfluid, and pangender, you may also have heard the term  bigender. In its most basic definition, being bigender means that you identify with having two genders. 

Don't Want to Talk to Your Therapist About Sex? Now, There Are Apps for ThatInstyle
Virtual sex coaches are here to bridge the gap between your sexual and mental health.

15 LGBTQ Books for Kids and Teens Recommended by Queer Librarians, Educators, and IndependentThe New York Times
Many kids today are growing up with queer parents and other extended family members, as well as in communities with queer families and classmates.

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