Sexual Health in the News April 12 - April 18

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Chlamydia Vaccine Shows Promise in Early TrialU.S. News & World Report
A promising chlamydia vaccine has shown immune responses in early trials, offering hope for future prevention efforts against the widespread STI. David Harvey, of the National Coalition of STD Directors, a NCSH member, is quoted.

Does Sex Affect Sport Performance? Experts Explain.Men’s Health
Despite a lack of scientific evidence, athletes' adherence to pre-competition abstinence rituals, like abstaining from sex, may still affect their focus and performance outcomes. Dr. Justin Lehmiller, of the Kinsey Institute, a NCSH member, is quoted.

Other News This Week

More Young People Choosing Permanent Sterilization After Abortion RestrictionsNBC News
Post Roe v. Wade reversal, young adults increasingly choose permanent sterilization procedures, attributed to abortion access concerns, yet data lacks state-specific breakdowns.

Sexually Transmitted Infections Are Becoming More Common in Older Adults, CDC Data ShowHealth
STI rates among older adults have surged due to increased longevity, lack of sexual health education, and medical interventions, emphasizing the need for targeted resources and education.

Supreme Court Allows Idaho to Enforce Ban on Sex Changes for MinorsNew York Post
The Supreme Court allowed Idaho to enforce a ban on gender-changing medical procedures for minors, despite opposition from liberal justices, while litigation over the law continues.

Dating Someone New? Here’s How to Ask Them About Their STI StatusCNN
Experts advise discussing STI status kindly and assertively, promoting open communication and proactive testing, and providing strategies for handling partners' responses and positive test results.

Birth Control Pill Might Lower Odds for Sports InjuriesU.S. News & World Report
A recent study suggests that active women using oral contraceptives may experience fewer sprains and strains, potentially leading to targeted injury prevention strategies.

Federal Appeals Court Overturns West Virginia's Transgender Sports BanNBC News
A federal appeals court ruled in favor of a transgender girl in West Virginia, allowing her to compete on girls' sports teams, stating that the state law banning trans athletes from girls' teams violates Title IX.

How Does PTSD Affect ED?Healthline
PTSD can contribute to erectile dysfunction, but therapy and medication can effectively treat both conditions, improving overall sexual health and satisfaction.

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