Sexual Health in the News April 1 - April 7

NCSH in the News

Let’s (Not) Talk About Sex Boston Magazine
Public school parents are once more at odds over what to teach kids when it comes to sex. This story features NCSH members, Advocates for Youth and Planned Parenthood. 

Other News This Week

Mail-order abortion pills become next US reproductive rights battleground  – The Guardian 
The FDA has dropped a requirement for the abortion drug mifepristone to be picked up in person – but some Republican states are clamping down.

Biden wants more funds for family planning. Clinics say they need it.Washington Post
HHS has announced the latest round of funding for Title X clinics, and advocates say immigrant women stand to be among those most affected. 

American women more likely to die from preventable causes Axios
American women of reproductive age score worse on just about every major health metric compared to their peers in other wealthy countries.

How Everyone Got So LonelyNew Yorker
The recent decline in rates of sexual activity has been attributed variously to sexism, neoliberalism, and women’s increased economic independence. This article explores the validity of those claims.  

Gen Z has embraced ‘slow dating.’ Tinder’s CEO reveals what you need to know about the phenomenon—and why it’s become so popular Fortune
Slow dating is a more deliberate, intentional way of approaching going from the first swipe online to the first meetup in real life.  

9 TikTokers Who Are Revolutionizing Sex Education OnlineThem
Sex ed often leaves LGBTQ+ people behind. These TikTokers are taking matters into their own hands. 

9 Ace and Aro Icons Who Revolutionized How We See Asexuality Them
From Marilyn Monroe to Michaela Coel, these real and fictional figures are pushing our society to see the full spectrum of the ace and aro community.  

How a Testosterone Imbalance Can Harm Men’s Health U.S. News and World Report
The right testosterone balance in men is about so much more than libido. 

A Questionnaire May Help Women Talk About Sexual Health: Study Multiple Sclerosis News Today
While sexual problems are relatively common in women with multiple sclerosis (MS), it can still be difficult to openly discuss their experiences with their doctor. 

Peeing Turns Me On: Is It Normal to Have a Kink?  Teen Vogue
Many people who realize they have a kink feel shame or like they are not “normal.” But kinks are not deviant or wrong—they are actually pretty common! 

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