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Can My Partner Finger Me If I’m Pregnant? It Depends – Romper
Pregnant women might wonder whether it’s okay for a partner to finger them during pregnancy. The answer depends on your particular pregnancy's development. NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Ana Cepin.

Other News This Week

Coronavirus Pandemic a Perfect Storm for LGBTQ Homeless Youth – NBC News
With school closures, reduced services at LGBTQ community centers, and a lack of family support, these young Americans are particularly vulnerable.

HIV Advocates Denounce Criminalization of Coronavirus “Spreaders” – Filter
HIV advocates warn that punishing infected individuals for how they navigate an epidemic may have negative consequences—increasing stigma, discouraging testing, and destroying community and government trust.

FDA Changes Blood Donation Guidelines Amid Urgent Need for Blood During Coronavirus Pandemic – CNN
The FDA shortened its recommended 12 month blood donation deferral period to three months for some specific groups, such as men who have sex with men.

Trojan Calls on Online Retailers to Class Condoms as ‘Essential’ Items to Guarantee That They Will Be Shipped to Customers Within 30 Days – INSIDER
Condoms being deemed essential items would allow them to be delivered quickly like medical and cleaning supplies, as retailers are leaving 30-day shipping windows for items deemed “non-essential.”

Supportive Adults Key to Reducing HIV Among Trans Youth, Study Finds – NBC News
Transgender teens and young adults widely lack “affirmative and culturally competent” sexual health resources, according to the report.

Pro-Life Centers Are Still Open in States That Banned Abortion Because of Coronavirus – VICE
Facilities that usually aim to convince women to continue pregnancies remain open in Texas, Ohio, and Alabama, where officials have issued abortion bans.

Why Is Coronavirus Killing My Sex Drive? – Mic
The constant anxiety spurred by this pandemic, potentially combined with being around a partner or kids around the clock, doesn’t exactly scream sexy.

Sex Toy Sales Are Skyrocketing During the Coronavirus Pandemic – VICE
Online sales for sex toys and sex toy accessories saw significant increases throughout the month of March, according to business owners for five major sex toy brands.

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