Sexual Health in the News Apr 26 - May 2

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Postpartum Bleeding: What’s Normal and How Long Will It Last? – Care
Experts share what to expect with postpartum bleeding, including how long it lasts, what is abnormal, and how to care for yourself after childbirth. NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Ana Cepin.

Other News This Week

Military Sexual Assaults Rise by Almost 38%; Alcohol Involved in Nearly Two Out of Three – USA Today
A recent survey showed an increase of sexual assaults in the military by 38%, with 62% involving alcohol. The Secretary of Defense says they are looking for new ways to address and measure the problem.

Federal Judge Blocks Trump Changes To Reproductive Health Program – NPR
A federal judge blocked the Trump administration’s proposed overhaul of the federal Title X program, that would have prohibited funding for organizations that offer or refer patients for abortion services along with other reproductive health services.

Seniors Need Sexual Healthcare Too – Medical Economics
Even though older adults are being diagnosed with more sexually transmitted infections, many physicians still assume they are not sexually active, and aren’t delivering the sexual health services and information they need

PrEP vs. Privacy – Slate
According to a recent study, young adults on parental insurance are 70 percent less likely to take PrEP if their parents can learn of their prescription, highlighting a split between personal privacy and control over sexual health.

Trump’s Statement on Abortion, In Context – CNN
Trump’s recent comments on abortion were delivered around proposed legislation in Wisconsin that would require health care professionals to provide life-preserving care to infants born alive after an abortion procedure.

America’s Sex Ed Controversy: Can You Teach Consent? – CBS
Experts are continuing to push for including consent as a topic in sex education, including what it is, that revoking consent is okay, and how to protect yourself against nonconsensual sexual encounters.

Powerful New Documentary Sheds Insight on Plight of Transgender Inmates – HuffPost
Trans people are 10 times as likely to be sexually assaulted by their fellow inmates and five times as likely to be sexually assaulted by staff, and a new documentary is aiming to raise awareness.

7 Things to Know About Birth Control If You Are Transgender or Nonbinary – Teen Vogue
Experts share insights on birth control for those who are transgender and nonbinary, like birth control can suppress menstruation and minimize gender dysphoria, and hormone therapy won’t prevent pregnancy.

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