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Getting Tested for HIV Is Still Important During a Pandemic – VICE
COVID-19 hasn’t stopped the spread of one of history’s most devastating viruses. During this new pandemic, HIV prevention, testing and treatment are still essential. David Harvey, of NCSH member NCSD, is featured.

Other News This Week

The Birth Control Wars Return to the Supreme Court. And This Time, Conservatives Have the Votes. – Vox
The Supreme Court will hear two cases next week which could decide whether employers with religious objections to birth control may deny insurance coverage of contraceptives to their employees.

New Research Finds People Are Being More Sexually Experimental During Lockdown – INSIDER
People are having less sex and masturbating less during lockdown, but 1 in 5 people are being more experimental when they do have sex with new positions, sending nudes, and talking about fantasies.

HIV in the Era of COVID-19: Why Experts Are Concerned About an Increase in Cases – ABC News
As many cities and local health departments divert personnel and resources to combat the current COVID-19 pandemic, experts are voicing concern that a silent HIV outbreak may be brewing.

5 Ways to Get PrEP Delivered to Your Doorstep – Queerty
Close to 155,000 people in the U.S. currently take PrEP. If you are having sex and need a steady supply, here are some alternatives to consider if you don’t want to, or can’t, leave home.

The Trump Administration Could Soon Allow Doctors to Discriminate Against LGBTQ People – Vox
The new rule is expected to go into effect in the middle of the pandemic, potentially putting queer and trans people at risk.

Hot Dam: Everything You Need to Know About Dental Dams – Refinery29
Most of us learned about the condom early, but dental dams are talked about much less often. Experts discuss what they are, how they work, why you should use them, and more.

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