Sexual Health in the News Apr 17 - Apr 23

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Pandemic Sparks Concerns About Surging STD, HIV Rates – The Hill
Access to STD and HIV services are dwindling as health departments shuffle staff to respond to COVID-19, reduce clinic hours or close them, and cancel outreach programs. The National Coalition of STD Directors, a NCSH member, is quoted.

Your Latest COVID-19 Reproductive and Sexual Health Questions Answered – Rewire.News
A physician answers questions about reproductive and sexual health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Diana from NCSH member Physicians for Reproductive Health is interviewed.

Other News This Week

One of My Dating App Matches Told Me It’s Safe to Have Oral Sex During Lockdown. Is That True? – INSIDER
There is no evidence that oral sex is a primary transmission route for the coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean having sex with a dating app match right now is a good idea.

In March, Half of Visitors to the National Sexual Assault Hotline Were Minors – Mashable
RAINN, the anti-sexual violence organization that runs the hotline, says it is the first time in the hotline’s history that minors have accounted for half of the people asking for help.

STD Antibiotic Faces Shortages After Trump Promotes It As Coronavirus Treatment – The Hill
Demand for azithromycin tablets—known by its brand name Z-Pack—is soaring as COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the U.S. Yet, this is a key drug for treating some STIs, including chlamydia in pregnant women.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Has People Rethinking Their Plans for Having Kids – Vox
While lockdown initially inspired jokes of a “coronavirus baby boom,” the pandemic’s effect on people’s decisions about children may be more complicated, along with their demand for birth control and medication abortion.

People Are Sharing Hormones on Google Docs and Turning to ‘Grey Market’ Pharmacies to Get Gender-Affirming Care During the Pandemic – INSIDER
The spread of the virus means many people have lost income, health insurance, or easy access to their doctor’s office, all of which has made it more difficult for some to access hormone-replacement therapy.

A Doctor on the Risks of Coming Off the Pill During Coronavirus Isolation – Cosmopolitan
If you’re only using the pill for contraception and aren’t isolating with a partner, you might be wondering if there’s any point in staying on it.

How Nurses Are Helping Sexual Assault Survivors Conduct Rape Kits from Home – Refinery29
Some areas have allowed a temporary order allowing rape kits to be collected by the survivor, at home, while a nurse walks them through the process via video call.

Landlords Are Targeting Vulnerable Tenants to Solicit Sex in Exchange for Rent, Advocates Say – NBC News
According to experts, landlord coercion has always been a reality, but they have never seen anything like this.

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