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Is It Safe to Skip Your Period to Manage Pain? – Blood + Milk
Skipping periods isn’t just a way to limit inconvenience—for some, it’s essential for controlling period-related pain. But is skipping your period safe? NCSH arranged the interview with Dr. Delaney.

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Are Those Living with HIV at Higher Risk of Coronavirus? Experts Weigh In – NBC News
COVID-19 is most likely to affect HIV-positive people through secondary conditions, such as homelessness, old age and underlying health problems, experts say.

Year After Trans Military Ban, Legal Battle Rages On – NBC News
Transgender individuals serving in the military, and those who would like to, “deserve better,” says one lawyer.

The Pandemic Has Killed My Sex Drive, But My Partner’s Has Skyrocketed. What Do We Do? – Rewire.News
During quarantine, you might find that you are hornier than usual. For others, sex is the last thing on their mind.

Alabama Cannot Block Abortions During Coronavirus Crisis, Judge Rules – The Guardian
A federal judge ruled that Alabama can’t ban abortions as part of the state’s response to the coronavirus. Other states have also tried to prevent abortions, labeling them elective procedures.  

Transgender Fertility Study Sheds Light on Testosterone’s Impact – NBC News
Trans men who stopped taking testosterone for an average of four months were found to have similar egg yields to cisgender women.

Should I See My Partner If We Don’t Live Together? – VICE
We’ve been told to avoid contact with anyone outside of our homes, but it might be possible to make an exception for our significant other.

What It’s Like to Be an Undocumented Sex Worker during the COVID-19 Pandemic – Rewire.News
Many strippers have moved to online sex work, but this puts undocumented and migrant sex workers at a higher risk of being deported, denial of green cards, or being refused entry into the United States.

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