Sexual Health in the News February 24 - March 2

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Sex and sexual responses evolve as people get older, but that doesn’t mean your sex life has to decline. Experts offer tips on how to have a robust sex life starting in your 50s and beyond. NCSH arranged the interviews with Dr. Marilyn Jerome and Dr. Abe Morgentaler. 

Interested in having anal sex, but have no clue where to start? This article covers the ins and outs of practicing good hygiene while having enjoyable sex.  NCSH arranged the interviews with Dr. Tameca Harris-Jackson and Dr. Rachel Needle. 

Syphilis, an infection that is preventable, that can be passed down to infants through pregnancy, has seen an uptick in cases over the past decade.  This story features Elizabeth Finley, of NCSD, a coalition member. 

Other News This Week

Doctors in Texas treating pregnant patients are very scared, especially of language in one of the state's abortion bans that allows people to take civil action against anyone who "aids or abets" abortion. 

Pornhub, OnlyFans, and Meta Join New Sextortion Prevention Platform – VICE  

Two adult content platforms have partnered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children on a service to help minors report their own non-consensual imagery—and get it removed. 

LGBTQ+ youth are less likely to feel depressed with parental support, study says - NPR 

Young people who identify as LGBTQ+ were less likely to report symptoms of depression when they had general support from their parents, according to a study published Tuesday. 

Post-Roe, prosecutors can seek unprotected reproductive health data - Axios 

Prosecutors are seeking to enforce anti-abortion laws by going after reproductive health data in mobile apps, where it is unprotected by federal law. 

If an abortion drug is banned, could misoprostol be used as a safe alternative? - ABC News 

An imminent ruling from a Texas federal judge could soon block the use of a common abortion medication across the United States, leaving one drug available. 

Here's the most important ingredient for a wildly good orgasm - Mashable 

The thing is, so much of really great sex comes down to feeling safe. 

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