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Sex Ed Apps You Didn't Know You Needed - Refinery29 
With the proliferation of apps specifically designed for sexual health and sex education, many of us can now get all of our most personal sex questions answered without a hitch. NCSH member, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, is interviewed in this article.

Abstain from Abstinence-Only Sex Ed, Experts Advise - CNN
Although refraining from having sexual intercourse is a sure-fire way to prevent pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, a recent report in the journal Pediatrics concluded that abstinence-only programs are ineffective in delaying the initiation of sex.

Zika is an STD: Why are We not Calling it One? - CNN    
While mosquitoes are a key menace when it comes to Zika, the media and public officials are too focused on them. They also need to pay attention to sex. Recent studies show the Zika virus is detectable in semen for up to six months after infection.  

Sex Ed is Negative, Sexist and Out of Touch - Time
A new study has found that in at least 10 different countries, kids hate the way they're being taught about sex in school.  

Scientists Discover Antibodies that Target Holes in HIV's Defenses - ScienceDaily
A new study from The Scripps Research Institute shows that 'holes' in HIV's defensive sugar shield could be important in designing an HIV vaccine.

My Brother's Pregnancy and the Making of a New American Family - Time  
This articles chronicles the story of Evan, who was born female and always wanted a child. He gave birth to his first child this spring. 

6 Ways to Tell if Your Summer Fling Should Survive the Fall - Cosmopolitan
You had fun, sure, but is this person worth keeping around when the rooftop bars are closed, the beach trips are but memories, and the two of you might have to actually, you know, talk? Here are some questions to ask yourself.   

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