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This Pill Prevents HIV. Why Don't More People Take It? - Boston Globe
Less than one-tenth of those who could benefit from Truvada take it. To address this issue, Massachusetts public health officials started a project with AIDS service agencies and health centers, testing ways to bring the drug into wider use. 
The Pill, the Condom, and the American Dream - The Atlantic
The income gap between rich and poor adults is growing, but the achievement gap between rich and poor kids is shrinking. Is contraception the cause?
Obamacare Was Supposed to Make All Birth Control Free. As a Doctor, I See It's Not Happening. - Vox
The Affordable Care Act provision regarding contraceptive coverage took effect in 2013, but many administrative barriers prevent individuals from accessing the birth control they choose. 
3 Common STDs Becoming Untreatable: How Worried Should We Be? - NBC News 
Gonorrhea has developed the strongest resistance to antibiotics, but worries about untreatable syphilis and chlamydia come at a time when rates for the three STDs are rising rapidly in the U.S, especially among young people ages 20 to 24.
There are many competing factors to consider before a doctor decides to administer a herpes test. This article details need-to-know facts about herpes diagnoses.
Older women who have robust sex lives tend to have lower blood pressure and don't suffer ill health effects. But, older men who enjoy sex too much or too often are at higher risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

The Pill Health Benefits: Oral Contraceptive Use Has Driven Down Ovarian Cancer Death Rates Around the World - Medical Daily
The birth control pill has not only granted women greater reproductive freedom, it may have also protected them against dying from ovarian cancer, suggests a new study.
This list ranks the 10 best and worst colleges for preventing sexually transmitted diseases based on access to contraception.
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