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Eliminating Out-of-Pocket Costs for Birth Control Boosts Use - Reuters

Women whose insurance covered the entire cost of birth control were more likely to use prescription contraceptives and to choose more-effective long-term methods than women subject to copays, a new U.S. study found.


Bright Light Boosts Testosterone in Men with Low Libido, Study Says - Los Angeles Time

For men whose sex drive has stalled, Italian researchers have found in a small study that early morning exposure to bright light - a treatment widely used for seasonal depression - revs up testosterone production and boosts sexual function and satisfaction.


Gonorrhea Outbreak in Hawaii Shows Increased Antibiotic Resistance - CNN

Seven gonorrhea patients in Hawaii are the first known US cases in which the sexually transmitted infection showed reduced susceptibility to the single available effective treatment option, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said today.


Am I Sexually Healthy? 6 Signs of Good Bedroom Habits for Better Sex - Medical Daily  

Most of us don't want to ask, but we're curious how our sex life stacks up to our friends, colleagues, and neighbors. This article shares 6 signs of good habits in the bedroom to rate how sexually healthy you are.


Aging with HIV/AIDS: The Progress Made, and the Challenges that Remain - WBUR 

Thanks to improvements in treatment and care, half of those living with HIV in the U.S. are age 50 or older. That people with HIV and AIDS are living longer is certainly heartening. But as people with HIV age, they face unique and complex risks that health care providers must become better prepared to address. 


What She's Actually Thinking about During Sex - Men's Journal

The most prevalent thought for both men and women during sex is a fairly obvious one: "How am I doing?" But this question leads to very different thought processes for the sexes.


These New Feminist Condoms would Actually Look Cute in Your Purse - Glamour

Practicing safe sex is often treated like a clinical activity separate from the sex itself. But at long last, Lovability Condoms is changing that. The startup creates feminist condoms that come in shiny, round wrappers and tins with awesome phrases like "Talk Feminist to Me" and "Babe With the Power." 

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