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Trump's 'Grab 'em' Comment Has Unleashed an Outpouring of Sexual Assault Stories - PBS Newshour
The National Sexual Violence Resource Center, an NCSH member, is interviewed in this article on how Trump's comments about forcing himself on women has unleashed a torrent of sexual assault stories. 

Fixing America's Lousy Sex Ed - With Sociology - Wired 
The U.S.'s approach to sex education is not only puritanical, it's also ineffective. In this article NCSH member Dr. Amy Schalet, University of Massachusetts Amherst, outlines how she would improve American sex ed.

This Is Exactly What Syphilis Feels Like, According to a Doctor  - Elite Daily
This article describes how syphilis feels as it progresses and highlights "Ask the Experts," an online service provided by NCSH member the American Sexual Health Association.

The Superhero in the Vagina - The Atlantic
Can researchers harness the power of protective bacteria in the vagina to guard against a common infection? The culprit is often bacterial vaginosis, the most common vaginal infection you've probably never heard of.

Before You Freak Out about Birth Control and Depression, Read This - MedicalXpress
Some recent headlines and news stories claiming the birth control pill is linked to depression have overstated the findings of a new study and caused panic among some women.  

NIH Recognizes LGBTQ Community as 'Health Disparity Population' - NBC News
In an effort to begin rectifying health-related issues that disproportionately affect the LGBTQ community, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced on October 7 they will formally designate "sexual and gender minorities (SGMs) as a health disparity population for NIH research."

The Percentage of Straight Men Who Watch Gay Porn May Surprise You - Cosmopolitan
A new study on gay, straight, and bi men's porn preferences is newly challenging the notion that straight men just want to see naked women, as well as helping to answer the question of how men really feel about seeing condom use in their adult entertainment.

Temporary Sexual Abstinence: 6 Surprising Ways Your Body Changes after You Stop Having Regular Sex - Medical Daily
Sexual ruts happen from time to time, but a lack of sex can have significant effects on our body. From erectile dysfunction to a weaker immune system, this article describes six surprising ways sexual abstinence influences our mental, emotional, and physical health.

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