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Commentary: Patient Zero, and Other Myths About HIV/AIDS  - Chicago Tribune
Gaetan Dugas was a victim of more than just the AIDS virus. He was also blamed, posthumously, for propagating the epidemic. He was even given the moniker "Patient Zero." Thanks to some scientific sleuthing, that rap has been laid to rest. Patient Zero never existed.

Male Birth Control Shot Found Effective, But Side Effects Cut Study Short - CNN
A new hormonal birth control shot for men effectively prevented pregnancy in female partners, a new study found. However, due to side effects, particularly depression and other mood disorders, researchers stopped the study early. Despite these side effects, 75% were willing to continue using it.

How Your Political Views Influence Your Sex Position Preferences (Yes, Really) - Refinery29
Given how much political values can reveal about people, it's not hard to imagine that they can also sometimes be relationship deal-breakers. But political leanings may also reveal something about your sex life. According to findings from a study, whom you're voting for might also have a correlation with your sex position preferences.

Syphilis in Men: Symptoms and Signs of the Silent STD - Medical Daily
The sexually transmitted disease syphilis is on the rise with 24,000 cases reported in 2015, according to recently released numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Outbreaks are increasing among gay and bisexual men in particular. This article highlights what to be on the lookout for.

Valeant Sued for Botching Marketing of Female Libido Pill - Reuters
Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc was sued on behalf of former investors in Sprout Pharmaceuticals Inc, which it bought last year for $1 billion, over its alleged failure to market the female libido pill Addyi successfully.

Dame Products Reveals Sex Toy Fin via Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign - Venture Beat
Dame Products is making a bit of history today as the female-run company launches the first sex toy crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The Fin is a "finger vibrator," and it's the second product from Dame Products, whose sex toys emphasize unobtrusiveness, intuitive use, and function-first design.

Saying the Word "Vagina" Is NOT Taboo - Shape
You were probably taught to use 'nicer' euphemisms for your vagina like 'private parts' or 'girly bits'. Perhaps now, you still avoid using the word in favor of 'down there' or 'vajayjay' because of some sense that the anatomical word is taboo. Well, if the new Legalize V campaign has its way, you'll stop using these slang words immediately and start saying 'vagina' - loud and proud.

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