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LGBT Health Advocates Fear Backlash Under Trump - PBS Newshour
LGBT health advocates fear loss of access to hormones and gender surgery, discrimination from health providers, cuts in HIV programs, among many other setbacks in anticipation of the incoming administration.

Progress in Slowing HIV's Spread Endangered by Opioid Epidemic - Boston Globe
The nation's progress in slowing the spread of HIV among people who inject drugs is in jeopardy as heroin use expands across the country and preventive services fall short, said Dr. Tom Frieden, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.   

With LGBTQ-Friendly Policies, More Women Claim Sexual Minority Status - NBC News
A new study suggests that policies recognizing same-sex relationships may encourage people to accurately report their sexual orientation. At the end of a 14 year period, more women in the study reported being a sexual minority than at the beginning. Those who lived in a state that recognized same sex marriage were the most likely to report a different sexual orientation at the end.

Why You Still Can't Get a Vaccine for HIV - Time  
Though scientists have been able to create vaccines for other viruses, developing a vaccine for HIV has been especially challenging.  Now, the first HIV vaccine trial in seven years is launching in South Africa, but will it work?

She Phubbs Me, She Phubbs Me Not: Smartphones Could Be Ruining Your Love Life - The Conversation
A new study that explored how detrimental smartphones can be to relationships has found that "phubbing" (a fusion of "phone" and "snubbing") is a real source of conflict. Phubbing occurs when a romantic partner is distracted by their phone during a conversation or other personal interaction.  

Beyond Birth Control, Women Could Pay More for Insurance Again Under TrumpCare - Kaiser Health News
Advocates say that a number of women's health benefits are at risk if the Affordable Care Act is repealed or replaced under the Trump administration. In addition to birth control, maternity services and other preventive services for women are also at risk of being cut, and women could return to paying higher premiums than men.  

Eight Inch Bionic Penis Could Help Men with Severe Erectile Dysfunction - Newsline
US scientists have created a heat-activated metal penis which grows to eight inches when heated. The device is designed to help men with erectile dysfunction, especially those who don't respond to other more conventional treatments.

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