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Experimental Vaginal Ring Fights HIV, But Will Women Wear It? - NPR
An experimental vaginal ring that releases an anti-HIV drug has the potential to save lives. While the ring is designed to help women gain control over their sexual health, what their partners think - or could think - also matters and affects how it will be used.

Got Birth Control? All-In-One App Delivers Dozens of Free and Cheap Options - Forbes
Now available in CA, WA, NY, and Washington, D.C., Nurx is a birth control app that lets women select the pill, patch, or ring and get it delivered for free. No doctor's visits required, and no (non-medical) questions asked. In CA and NY (and D.C. by month's end), users can also order the HIV prevention drug Truvada for PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, just as easily.

Women at Greater Risk for Zika Infection Due to Suppressed Vaginal Immune Response - MedicalXpress
Scientists have discovered that the vaginal immune system is suppressed in response to RNA viruses, such as Zika. The virus remains undetected, which can increase the risk of fetal infection during pregnancy. The new finding suggests that, when transmitted sexually, women are both more susceptible to contracting Zika and other RNA viruses, and have a harder time clearing the infection from their systems.  

Donald Trump Linked to LGBT Suicide Hotline Call Spike: Fears Include Gay Marriage and Health Care - Inquisitr
Donald Trump's win is reportedly paralleling a spike in calls to LGBT suicide hotlines. The soaring number of calls comes amid speculation about where Trump stands regarding issues ranging from gay marriage to transgender bathrooms to health care.

Doctors Report More Women Asking About IUDs After Election - ABC News
Some doctors in the U.S. are reporting more women asking their physicians about long-lasting birth control devices following concerns about free access to contraception if Trump takes office and ends the Affordable Care Act (ACA

Free Condom Vending Machine Quizzes Customers - Teen Vogue
Being able to access condoms and other methods of protection and knowing what to do with them is critical to improving sexual health. LifeStyles is debuting a vending machine in New York City to do just this. Users of the machine receive a free condom after answering five sexual health questions via touch screen.

This Inspiring Sexual Health Bill of Rights Is What All Colleges Need Right Now - Elite Daily
Thanks to Eliana Stanislawski, students at Clark University in Massachusetts are guaranteed access to condoms, Plan B and resources for survivors of sexual assault. A "Campus Reproductive Bill of Rights" from NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts made Stanislawski's chapter realize what was missing on campus.

Transgender on Tinder? Now You Can Identify Yourself That Way - New York Times
Tinder now allows users to choose transgender or gender-nonconforming identities. The move, part of a push against persistent harassment against transgender people on the service, was hailed by community advocates as an important example for other social media platforms.

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