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TOME EL CONTROL DE SU SALUD SEXUAL - Latin Opinion Baltimore    
This Spanish-language article features the NCSH's new guide/website that encourages the Latinx community to get recommended preventive sexual health services.

'I'm Not Sure This Is Rape, But ...What a Law Student Found When She Asked Women About 'Stealthing.' - The Washington Post
In this article, NCSH member Jenelle Marie Pierce offers her opinion on 'stealthing' (aka non-consensual condom removal).

People With HIV Are Living 10 Years Longer - Time
According to a new report, people who contracted the virus in recent years are living 10 years longer than people who were infected in the mid 1990s.

How One Teen's Personal Frustration Sparked Her Mission to Simplify Sex Education  - Forbes
Cheryl Fagan created OnTop originally as a study guide for some high school girls she was mentoring. Today, it shows people how to be a sexually healthy teen or young adult and stay on top of their sexuality.     

The PrEP Project Tries New Approach to HIV: Admit Gay Men Aren't Using Condoms - Bezinga
Current estimates place consistent condom usage among gay men at less than 17%, and PrEP use at 12%. A San Francisco filmmaker seeks to address this with a campaign launching May 16 aimed squarely at the condom-averse crowd.  

Access to Long-Lasting Birth Control After Childbirth Lags Behind Demand, Study Says  - UPI
Researchers found that 96% of inpatient postpartum IUDs were placed at urban teaching hospitals, which suggested that the option was not available at urban non-teaching and rural hospitals.     

If You Think Porn Is Just Harmless Fantasy, This Will Make You Think Again - Verily
Does pornography alter human behavior? The resounding answer, proven by countless studies, is that media does affect how we think and how we behave.

The Crazy Impact Exercise Can Have On Your Sex Life  - Women's Health
New research shows that exercise increases sex drive in pre-menopausal women so much that it will even help women whose sex drives have been lowered by antidepressants. 

Girls Maturing Early at Increased Risk for Sexual Abuse  - MedPage Today 
Teenage girls who started puberty earlier than their later-maturing peers of the same age and race were at an increased risk for sexual and physical abuse, according to a new study of U.S. girls.


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