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4 razones que explican por que las mujeres son las mas perjudicadas con los recortes al presupuesto que propone el gobierno de Trump - Univision
This Spanish-language article is the latest from a new relationship between the NCSH and Univision. It quotes NCSH Co-Director Susan Gilbert and coalition members SIECUS, PPFA, and the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

Knowingly Exposing Others to HIV Should No Longer Be a Felony, State Senate Says - LA Times
The California Senate has voted to no longer make it a felony for someone with HIV to knowingly expose others by having unprotected sex without disclosing their infection.

Trump Moves to Allow Broad Exemption from ACA Birth-Control Coverage - The Washington Post 
The Trump administration has drafted a regulation that would dramatically scale back the federal mandate that employers provide free birth control coverage, by providing an exemption to anyone who raises religious or moral objections.      

Study: New Test Can Unearth Elusive HIV  - The Scientist
Scientists have designed a test that is able to uncover a concealed HIV viral reserve following antiretroviral treatment, according to a recent study published in Nature Medicine.      

Sperm-Halting 'Molecular Condoms' Found in Plants May Be the Future of Birth Control - Forbes
Researchers have discovered plant compounds capable of keeping sperm from making the journey toward egg fertilization. This discovery could potentially kick off a new, more balanced era for birth control.     

Millennial Males React to Harvard Report on Sex and Relationships - ABC News
ABC News spoke to a group of millennial men about a new report on the "hook up culture" of young adults and their own experiences.

Pill Club Offers Pharmacy-Free Birth Control at Lower Costs, Plus Free Goodies  - Forbes
A new birth control app eliminates the pharmaceutical middleman and ships wholesale medicine (along with free, female-focused product samples) direct from its home base to patients' own.

How to Have Good Sex When You're Older  - Men's Health 
New research has uncovered that the closer that people felt to their real age, the lower the standard of their sex lives. In contrast, the younger the study's participants felt, the better their sex lives.

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