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Oh Good, There Are New STDs Spreading - Vice
NCSH member and spokesperson Dr. Ned Hook shares his perspective in this article on the highs and lows of modern-day STDs.

Parents Are Getting the "Sex Talk" All Wrong - And Not Because of the Sex Part - Quartz
NCSH member Advocates for Youth is quoted in this article on why parents need to discuss healthy relationships with their teens.

Your Kids Actually Want You to Talk to Them About Sex - CNN
This article features survey data and quotes from NCSH member The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

They're Calling It 'The Sheen Effect' - Business Insider
It's well-known that celebrities influence our behavior. The week actor Charlie Sheen went on TV to confirm rumors that he was HIV-positive, sales of at-home test kits for the virus rose 95%.

Grassroots Efforts Grapple With Sex Violence in US Schools - US News & World Report
A pair of Oregon school districts were intent on identifying warning signs of a potential campus shooting when they stumbled on a threat far more pervasive yet much less discussed - sexual aggression among classmates.     

PrEP Use Consistent With CDC Guidelines May Reduce STIs Among MSM - Healio
A new modeling study reveals that rates of STIs could fall if 40% of men who have sex with men take PrEP, even if those men also used condoms less often.    

What I Learned After My Study on Men Secretly Removing Condoms Went Viral - Broadly
The author of a new study on "stealthing" shares her experiences after her study went viral and her perspective on why criminalizing this act may not be the best way to help victims.     

Anti-LGBT Bathroom Bill Said to Cost Texas $216 Million So Far - Newsweek
Texas's "bathroom bill" hasn't become law yet, but it's already costing the state-to the tune of more than $200 million in bad publicity-according to a new report.

When Your Doctor Prescribes a Vibrator for Your Aging Vagina - Huffington Post
Doctors have been adding a new tool to the arsenal of how they restore the sex lives of menopausal and post-menopausal women: the humble vibrator.

What Is Asexual? Here's What to Know About This Sexual Orientation - Romper  
In recent years, sexual orientations and identities have become more publicly acknowledged and accepted (well, for the most part). But what about the people for whom sex holds no interest?

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