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Teen pregnancy has been on the decline in the United States since its peak in 1991. But, the U.S. still has more pregnant teens than most other developed countries, and it's not totally clear why the teen pregnancy rate is going down.
A small vaginal ring shows promise in the fight against HIV. But, will it get the money it needs to make it to market?

According to new research by the Guttmacher Institute, the U.S. unintended pregnancy rate is the lowest in 30 years. The declining rate is attributed to increased use of contraception, especially long-acting reversible contraception such as the IUD.

This New Research Rewrites the History of HIV in America -Vox
Scientists recently recovered near full-length genomic sequences of HIV from blood samples of Gaetan Dugas, long considered to be HIV's patient zero. They found that HIV arrived in America years before Dugas brought the virus to New York.
Men suffering from erectile dysfunction have many options for treatment. Yet, there is only a single drug for female sexual dysfunction, and evidence shows it lacks effectiveness. 
By The Way, Hands Don't Reveal Much About Penis Size - Huffington Post
During the most recent Republican debate, the question of whether the size of a man's hands is related to the size of his manhood was raised. But, research shows conflicting results about this question.

'It Can Help Save Lives': San Jose Teen Invents STD-Detecting Condom - NBC Bay Area
A San Jose teen has filed paperwork with the United States Patent Office for a condom that will instantly detect an STD and offer the user visual proof.
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