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NCSH's Adam McCord of Project Inform was interviewed for this article that shares practical and effective strategies to help mixed status couples have happy and healthy relationships. 
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Parents Need to Talk to Their Daughters About the Joys of Sex, Not Just the Dangers - Washington Post
For her new book "Girls and Sex," author Peggy Orenstein talked to numerous experts and interviewed more than 70 girls to get the inside scoop on teen girls' sexual lives and how they feel about them. She discusses her findings in this article.  

Supreme Court Hints at Way to Avert Tie on Birth Control Mandate - New York Times
On Tuesday, the Supreme Court issued an order directing the parties to file supplemental briefs in Zubik v. Burwell. This indicates that the justices are trying to avoid a 4-to-4 deadlock in a case pitting religious freedom against access to contraception. 
Stopping Zika: Should We Be Handing Out Condoms at Airports? - CNN
New guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tell men to consider using condoms after returning from a country where Zika is spreading. To encourage condom use, some suggest making condoms freely available at airports. 
Male Birth Control Is Coming in 2018, Still Seems a Little Sketchy - NY Magazine
There is now an official timeline for the arrival of male birth control, reports Vasalgel, a "reverse birth control for men" designed by the Parsemus Foundation, will be available in 2018.

The Tech Innovation that Might Make it Easier for Women Everywhere to Get Abortions - Huffington Post
U.S. women without reproductive health services close to home might have an easier time getting medical abortions if they could consult with doctors online instead of scheduling in-person visits, some providers argue.

What It's Like to Be a Male Survivor of Sexual Assault - CNN
In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network has released a new video campaign. In the videos, sexual assault survivors share their stories and show that sexual violence does not discriminate by sex or age.

These Prom Dresses Made of Condoms Are Opening an Important Dialogue About Safe Sex - Bustle
A public awareness campaign by the Adolescent Health Project and the Women's Fund of Omaha has created a line of prom dresses made of condoms. They're intended to jump start conversations between teens and adults about the importance of safe sex and condom use. 
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