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33% of Women Can't Pay More Than $10 for Birth Control - Elle
A new public opinion survey highlights why so many want to protect the Affordable Care Act's "birth control benefit." One-third of women couldn't afford to pay more than $10 if they needed prescription birth control today.       

100 HIV/AIDS Organizations Sign Letter Urging Congress to Oppose American Health Care Act - Healio 
One hundred HIV/AIDS organizations strongly urged Congress to oppose passing the American Health Care Act, or AHCA, because an estimated 24 million Americans would likely lose health insurance coverage, including thousands of patients with HIV, if it is enacted.

First Global Guidance for HPV Vaccination for Cervical Cancer Prevention - Science Daily 
The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has issued the first guideline on primary prevention of cervical cancer that is tailored to multiple regions of the world with different levels of socio-economic and structural resource settings.

Here's Why You Don't Have to Have Sex Every Day to Feel Awesome - Men's Health
Hit the sheets today and you may reap relationship benefits for days afterwards says a new study, which suggests the "afterglow" of sex for couples can last up to 48 hours, and can even improve relationship quality over time.

Most Americans Have Sex Without Condoms, Survey Finds - USA Today College
A new survey has shown that over 65% of Americans have sex without using a condom and 68% said they "never" asked their partners to get tested for STIs before having sex.  

Women Aren't Reporting Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Out of Fear of Deportation - Glamour
The hiring of thousands of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials and call for a widespread crackdown on all undocumented immigrants is causing immigrant women to not prosecute violent crimes committed against them out of fear of deportation.

You Can Buy Condoms Anywhere in the US Today, Thanks to a Supreme Court Case That Wasn't Really About Condoms - Quartz
The US Supreme Court's March 22, 1972 decision in Eisenstadt v. Baird struck down a MA law prohibiting the distribution of contraception to unmarried people. It was also one of several key cases establishing the right to privacy, a topic of ongoing debate in the US.  

The Unexpected Way Your Age Might Affect Your Sex Life - Women's Health  
A new study, published in the Journal of Sex Research, has found that older people had a higher sexual quality of life than their younger, friskier, counterparts - with a few caveats. 

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