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Sex May Spread Zika Virus More Often Than Researchers Suspected   - New York Times
While there's much discussion about Zika transmission through mosquito bites, some researchers are beginning to worry more about sexual transmission. Experts now say that intimate contact may account for more Zika infections than previously suspected.
The Importance of Contraception to the Zika Fight  - The Atlantic
"We don't know how to prevent Zika, but we do know how to prevent pregnancy," says Christopher Zahn, the vice president of practice at The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. "The best way to avoid a potentially [affected] fetus is by avoiding pregnancy."
Drugs That Saved HIV Patients Now Threaten Them in Old Age   - Bloomberg
Antiretroviral therapy has turned what was once a death sentence into a chronic disease, which means more HIV patients are living into their 60s and even 70s. A new challenge for drugmakers is making medications that subdue the illness without wreaking havoc on aging bodies, and minimizing the risk of harmful drug interactions.

Birth Control Options for Women Over 40 - Other than the Pill
- Chicago Tribune
The second highest rate of unintended pregnancy is for women 40-50 who are sexually active. Many can continue to safely take the pill, but some should think about other options, which are presented in this article. 
ChristianMingle Will Make Big, Pro-Gay Change After Lawsuit  - Huffington Post
The "largest and fastest growing online community" for Christian singles will now allow gay and lesbian users to search for same-sex matches following a legal battle.

Free at Rio Olympics: 9 Million Forest-Friendly Condoms - Reuters
Brazil's government will hand out 9 million condoms for free during the Olympics in August, a push meant to encourage safe sex and also defend the Amazon rainforest. All the condoms to be distributed are produced by Natex, a factory deep in the rainforest near Brazil's border with Bolivia.

Testosterone Boost May Actually Help Some Older Men Regain Passion in the Bedroom - Medical Daily
According to new research published Wednesday in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, a timely dose of testosterone may indeed be able to help rejuvenate certain older men's waning sex lives .
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