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Male Sexual Health: Why Young Men Don't Get the Information They Need About Reproductive and Sexual Health Medical Daily 
According to new research led by NCSH member Dr. Arik Marcell at Johns Hopkins University, fear is one barrier that keeps some young men from racial and sexual minority groups from getting proper sexual health care.

'It's a Form of Prevention,' Doctors Tout HPV Vaccine in Fight Against Several Cancers - CBS New York
In an unusual move, cancer centers around the country have issued a statement urging more parents to get their kids vaccinated against HPV (human papillomavirus). Doctors believe it could help prevent tens of thousands of cancer cases each year. 

This Factor Could Make You More Susceptible To HIV - Cosmopolitan
A new study shows that vaginal bacteria can play a significant role in determining whether a woman gets HIV. Researchers in South Africa found that women with pro-inflammatory species of vaginal bacteria were four times more likely to acquire HIV than women with healthy vaginal bacteria.      

New York's Attorney General Introduces Legislation to Keep Birth Control Free New York Magazine 
New York State is taking considerable measures to guarantee that, no matter what happens with the Affordable Care Act, access to free birth control is not taken away.

State Officials: Schools Should Provide Condoms - Milton Independent
Vermont's top health and education leaders are recommending districts around the state adopt condom distribution programs to address growing rates of sexually transmitted diseases, according to a memo released last month.

Under Trump, LGBT Student Rights Could Be in Trouble - The Nation
Under the Obama administration, there has been steady improvements in LGBT protections in schools. But, all of that progress is now in jeopardy as Donald Trump prepares to take office next week.

$2 Million Investment to Enhance Virginia's Response to Sexual Violence, Test Any Remaining Kits Around the State Alexandria News    
Virginia has secured a $2 million federal grant to implement system-wide enhancements to the way the state handles sexual assaults, from evidence collection and testing all the way through to investigation and ongoing survivor support services.   

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