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Health Organization Calls for Greater Access to Contraceptives in Latin America amid Zika Scare - FoxNews Latino
The Pan American Health Organization criticized several regional governments' call for women to delay getting pregnant due to the spread of the Zika virus, instead calling for expanded access to contraception in Latin America.

The Miracle AIDS Drug That People Refuse to Take - Washington Post
If taken daily, Truvada works like a vaccine against HIV, effectively halting its spread. However, Truvada isn't making gay men healthier and safer, in fact few are using the drug at all. 

I Only Had Sex with One Person and Got The Most Common STI - Refinery29
Growing up, she was told: "If you don't sleep around, you won't get STIs." So when her gynecologist called to say she had an abnormal Pap test and tested positive for HPV at her annual visit, her mind initially refused to accept it. 
A recent study found that, in some parts of the world, more than half of people who continued to have uncontrolled HIV despite treatment turned out to have a form of the virus that is resistant to the drug Tenofovir.

Zika Virus: Two Cases Suggest It Could Be Spread Through Sex - The New York Times
Zika virus has already been linked to brain damage in babies and paralysis in adults. Now scientists are facing another ominous possibility: that on rare occasions, the virus might be transmitted through sex.

An Easy Trick to Supercharge Your Kegels - and Your Sex Life  - Yahoo Health
You can double down on Kegel's feel-good benefits by flexing your muscles while jumping on a mini trampoline, says Fayth Caruso, dancer, choreographer, and co-founder of be360 Inc.
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