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NCSH provided detailed content and facilitated and interview with Coalition member Fred Wyand of ASHA, who highlights issues related to cervical cancer, HPV, and the importance of early detection.
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With a Little Pill, Could One City's AIDS Epidemic Be Ending? - Washington Post
As many as 10,000 San Franciscans could now be on PrEP, prompting some AIDS experts to ask: Could the nation's onetime epicenter of HIV/AIDS be the place where the epidemic begins to come to an end?

Most Stories About Reproductive Issues Are Written by Men - Huffington Post
The Women's Media Center reviewed 1,385 news articles and opinion pieces published between Aug. 1, 2014 and July 31, 2015. They found that men wrote 52 percent of the articles reviewed, and were also more likely to be quoted in articles about reproductive health.

This One-Page Form Could Threaten Access to Birth Control - Refinery29
The Supreme Court is taking up a new case about contraception coverage. We'll soon find out whether the highest court in the land believes that filling out a form to opt out of paying for contraception coverage is a substantial burden on an employer's religious beliefs.
Challenges in data collection make it difficult to suss out what the actual sexual violence situation is at many colleges nationwide. Government agencies and news organizations have long struggled to pin down the numbers.

Tinder Adds STD Testing Center Locator to Dating App - Time
The dating app Tinder agreed to provide information on testing locations for sexually transmitted diseases, ending a feud with a California advocacy group.

Couples Who Use Contraception Have Sex More Frequently, Study Finds  - The Independent
US researchers found that women in marriages and other unions who used protection were three times more likely to have regular sex than similar women who did not.
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