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New Guide Helps Primary Care Providers Discuss STDs with Patients - Healio 
This article features the NCSH's new guide, "Sexual Health and Your Patients: A Provider's Guide," and extensively quotes NCSH member Dr. Michael Horberg, Director of HIV/AIDS, Kaiser Permanente. 

Planned Parenthood Fears it May Be First Casualty of Rekindled Abortion War - Washington Post
NCSH member Planned Parenthood is preparing for the possibility of losing its federal funding as part of an aggressive push by policymakers to roll back abortion rights under President-elect Donald Trump. 

Is Sex Addiction Real? Depends on Whom You Ask - CNN
From Anthony Weiner to Tiger Woods, there's no shortage of so-called sex addicts these days. But is sex addiction a real condition? Getting to the bottom of this question is the source of much controversy among therapists. 

More Bad News! Trimming Pubic Hair Can Raise STD Risk - Men's Journal
Shaving your pubic hair may have unintended consequences. New research has found that men who shave, laser, or wax their pubic hair bald are more than four times as likely to have a sexually transmitted infection than those who don't.      

Beyond Birth Control, How Trumpcare Might Affect Women - CNN
Women's health advocates are concerned that guaranteed coverage of maternity services, birth control, and other women's health benefits, could be at risk with new changes that may occur under a Trump administration. 

New HIV Studies Offer Hope for a Cure - KQED Science
The HIV research community is increasingly optimistic about the promising "shock and kill" approach to eradicating HIV from infected patients. Removing all traces of the virus from an individual's body would represent an actual cure for AIDS.

Letting Teens Teach Each other Sex Ed Works - Broadly
A new study attempts to outline the challenges and benefits of peer-led sex education. Compared to teacher-led sex ed programs, the study found that students who were peer-taught gained more knowledge and thought the program was more interesting.

Here's a Huge New Survey of Transgender Americans - Science of Us   
A large new survey of transgender Americans reveals important information about the challenges this population faces in their everyday lives.    

Women on This Type of Birth Control Could Be Having More Sex - Cosmopolitan
The birth control a woman uses, when combined with how invested she is in her relationship, could influence how often she has sex, according to a new study just published in Evolution & Human Behavior.


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