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Experts: Sex and Porn Addiction Probably Aren't Real Mental Disorders - New York Magazine 
NCSH member The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) recently released a position paper stating there is insufficient evidence to classify porn and sex addiction as mental health disorders. However, many people believe otherwise.

Many Asexual People Still Fantasize About Sex, Study Finds - CNN
University of British Columbia researchers recently conducted a survey to better understand the sexual experiences and fantasies of asexual people.The results suggest that the "asexual" label could be capturing too broad a group and that it might be time to get a bit more fine-grained. 

Going Bare Down There May Boost the Risk of STDs - NPR
Frequently removing pubic hair is associated with an increased risk for herpes, syphilis and human papillomavirus, researchers reported recently. While it isn't known if grooming causes the increase in risk for infection, shaving creates microtears and cuts that could allow viruses and bacterial to enter the skin.    

The Success of HIV Treatment Is Increasing the Risk of Drug-Resistance - Huffington Post
Global health agencies are getting more people with HIV on antiretroviral therapy, a combination of drugs that suppress the virus to undetectable levels and reduce the risk of transmission to another person. But scientists are now detecting a disturbing new trend: The rise of drug-resistant HIV strains, especially in some African countries.

U.S. Transgender People Harassed in Public Restrooms: Landmark Survey - Reuters
Almost 60 percent of transgender Americans have avoided using public restrooms for fear of confrontation, saying they have been harassed and assaulted, according to the largest survey taken of transgender people in the United States.

A Powerful App Is Helping Survivors Fight Sexual Assault on Campuses Everywhere - Forbes
On over 2,300 campuses around the country, students can now use the Reach Out: College Edition app for immediate access to institution-specific contacts and information, as well as direct messaging to medical staff, Title IX representatives, on-campus advocates, and other key personnel.

6 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex You Probably Don't Know - Glamour   
Though we often talk about the health benefits of sex, we have a long way to go toward a sex-positive society. This article shares six lesser known ways that sexuality, arousal, and orgasm can actually improve health.   

The Pill Club Is a Service That Delivers Birth Control to Your Door, and It's a Step Forward for Women's Sexual Health - Bustle
The Pill Club is a new online pharmacy that can prescribe, dispense, and deliver birth control to women. The Pill Club also offers samples - such as lube from Good Clean Love or organic tampon samples from Kali Boxes - that can be delivered with each order. Delivery is free for most people who have insurance.

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