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North Carolina Lawmakers Leave 'Bathroom Bill' In Place - Washington Post
North Carolina lawmakers failed Wednesday to repeal a law regulating transgender people's use of public restrooms, despite convening in a special legislative session for the express purpose of rescinding the controversial law.

Privacy Concerns Keep Some Young Americans from Sexual Health Services - Health Daily
Young people may not seek sexual and reproductive health care because they fear their parents will find out, a U.S. government report suggests. Almost one in five 15- to 17-year-olds said they would not seek that care because their parents could find out.    

Hormonal Contraception Is Safer than Expected for Women with Diabetes - Science Daily
A new study shows that hormonal contraception, including IUDs and implants, is safe for women with diabetes. The study is one of the first to evaluate hormonal contraception and health outcomes in women with a chronic condition.

How Is the HPV Vaccine Perceived on Twitter? - St. Louis Post-Dispatch  
Drexel University researchers wanted to know what's being said on Twitter about the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. The researchers expected to find a large number negative tweets, but instead found that tweets tended to be positive.

HIV Patients Have Nearly Twice the Heart Attack Risk - Science Daily
Current methods to predict the risk of heart attack and stroke in individuals with HIV vastly underestimate the risk, which is nearly double that of the general population, reports a new study.   

The Mouthwash Listerine May Help Treat Gonorrhea - Huffington Post
A small Australian study has found that Listerine mouthwash does indeed kill gonorrhea bacteria, just as its manufacturers originally claimed as early as 1879. 

Say Bye to the 40-Year-Old Virgin: Why Sex Just Gets Better with Age - Salon
A new study has found that as people age, quality - not quantity - of sexual encounters becomes more important. The study examined data over an 18-year time frame and older participants reported better sexual quality of life than younger participants. 

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