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NCSH member Sexual Health Innovations' Jessica Ladd used her own sexual assault experience to create technology that allows students to confidentially record an assault before they are emotionally ready to trigger an investigation.
The Olympics Isn't the Zika Virus Nightmare Experts Thought it Would Be  - Huffington Post
With as many as one million people expected to attend the Olympics, half of them foreigners, Rio de Janeiro has not turned out to be the Zika hothouse some athletes and visitors feared as the virus wreaked havoc in Brazil earlier this year.
Why the Courts Can't Save LGBT Americans from Discrimination - The Atlantic
Judges may want to shield gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people from harassment and disparate treatment, but recent decisions suggest the law isn't there yet.
One Surprising Health Benefit of Being on the Pill  - Refinery29 
A new study suggests that taking hormonal contraception may also increase vitamin D levels.
To Prevent Sexual Assault, Schools and Parents Start Lessons Early  - NPR 
Advocates say that efforts to prevent sexual assault in college are too little, too late - and that solutions must start in high school. A push for earlier intervention is coming from a wide range of voices, including student survivors and law enforcement officials. 
Can Having Sex Regularly Reduce Risk of Dementia for Older Adults? - NJ.Com
A recent study found older adults who remain sexually active score higher on cognitive tests - although men more so than women.
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