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Do the New Merck HPV Ads Guilt-trip Parents or Tell Hard Truths? Both.  - Washington Post
Merck, which is running its first television commercials on HPV in six ears, has ignited a fierce debate over whether the pharmaceutical giant is trying to shame parents into getting their children vaccinated for the most common sexually transmitted infection, or doing public health good.

Four Lesbians Sue U.S. State for Insisting Sex with a Man Proves Infertility  - New York Times
Four lesbian women are suing a U.S. state for discrimination for insisting women have unprotected sex with a man to prove they are infertile and to claim insurance cover for treatment.

A Scary Number of Women Are Having Unprotected Sex: Here's Why  - Glamour
A recent study, published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine, found that 67 percent of college-age women didn't use condoms the last time they had sex after they'd been drinking.

Everything You Should Know About Emergency Contraception - Cosmopolitan
Cosmopolitan researched the three options for emergency contraception available in the United States, and provides an in-depth guide for consumers. 

The Sex Ed Problem We Don't Talk About Enough - Refinery29
Refinery29 conducted an informal survey of more than 500 staffers and readers to find out what their sex education was really like - and what they would have wanted it to be like. This article presents the results. 

6 Surprising Sex Facts and Myths About Penises, From Size To Porn Representation - Medical Daily
This article aims to dispel six commonly-held beliefs about penises. 

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