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˜YES Means TEST' Initiative Seeks to Improve Black Sexual HealthEbony  
NCSH member American Sexual Health Association has launched YES Means TEST to empower those who consent to sexual activity to also say 'Yes' to getting tested for STDs.

Young Men Still Don't Know What Constitutes Sexual Assault - Care2
This article highlights recent research from NCSH member the National Sexual Violence Resource Center that showed men and young adults do not fully understand the range of actions that makeup sexual assault.

6 Commonly Overlooked STD Signs That Tell You It's Time to Get Tested -  Elite Daily
Sexually transmitted diseases are easily spread and can quickly become a very serious health issue. This article outlines six times people should get tested.

Latest HIV Research News: Antibody Developed That Makes Immune Cells Resistant To Virus - Medical Daily
Scientists have found a way to replace HIV-infected cells with virus-resistant cells in order to create, and maintain, an HIV-free environment. Although this technique works only in a lab setting, the researchers hope to change that.       

Sexual Assaults in Immigration Detention Centers Rarely Get Investigated, Group Charges - NBC News
A federal civil rights complaint has been filed for the unbridled sexual abuse/harassment 27 alleged victims endured in immigration detention centers across the country.

Do I Still Need Birth Control? - Huffington Post
Wondering when you're menopausal and can safely stop birth control? What birth control is best for women over age 35 or 40? Can you still get pregnant in your 40s and 50s?  These are common questions women ask of their health care providers. 

Frozen Condoms for Post-Childbirth Pains Are a Thing - SELF
One dad in Australia is opening up about a method he discovered for combatting postpartum vaginal soreness: ice packs made with...condoms.    

What's Wrong with Feminizing Condom PackagingShape
Trojan just released a new type of condom specifically tailored to women in order to encourage them to "take responsibility of their sexual health." This begs the question of why do condoms need to be gendered.


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