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Why You Get Herpes Outbreaks During Your Period - TeenVogue    
This article features NCSH spokeperson Dr. Hilda Hutcherson who explains why some people have a herpes outbreak during their period.

Researchers Use Gene Editing to Eliminate HIV Infection in Mice  - CBS News
In a historic first, the gene-editing tool called CRISPR, which allows scientists to basically cut out and insert specific portions of DNA, was used to excise HIV DNA from mice. However, much work still lies ahead before there is a cure for HIV.

People Bought Expired Morning After Pills Online - Teen Vogue
After the election, many rushed to secure access to emergency contraceptives, like the morning after pill. Some people bought them from Amazon, but it seems like some ended up with expired goods.     

Trump Just Picked a Contraception Skeptic to Head Federal Family Planning Efforts - Mother Jones
The Trump administration's new hire to oversee the Title X program questions the efficacy of contraception and believes the federal government has no role in family planning.  

Tinder Users Have Safer Sex - Yes, Really - Shape
You may think of using a dating app as a riskier way to meet people, and hookups, but Tinder users are actually having safer sex than the rest of the dating population.    

Syphilis Rates Are Up in Gay and Bisexual Men; Here's Why - CBS News
A new CDC reports reveals that syphilis is on the rise in the U.S., with rates climbing especially quickly among gay and bisexual men. Although alarming, this rise could be related to people being tested more often.

When's the Right Time to Have Sex in a Relationship? - Men's Health
How long should you wait to have sex? Nearly 50 percent of straight couples in a new survey reported holding out one week to a month before getting it on with their partners.

How to Deal With "Stealthing", Aka a Form Of Sexual Assault, Because It's Not OK - Bustle
ICYMI, there's a new sexual term making the rounds- stealthing, aka when a man intentionally removes his condom during sex without his partner's consent. This article outlines what to do when this happens.

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