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Men: Condoms Aren't Ruining Your Sex Life, It's Your Mindset

In honor of National Condom Month, the NCSH's Tyomi Morgan urges men to change their mindset about condoms by learning about innovations that are now available to make sex with a condom more exciting and pleasurable.

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Just Diagnosed with an STI? Here's How to Deal

There is life after a sexually transmitted infection (STI) diagnosis. Learn more from NCSH member Amber Madison, who wrote the story on behalf of the Coalition.

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Dating with an STI: How to Manage the Conversation

Experts discuss how to have a conversation about STIs with your partner.

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Let’s Do It Again: How To Date After Divorce

Sexpert Tyomi Morgan interviewed ASSECT certified sex therapist and relationship expert Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry, PhD, MA, LPC, ACST about how to approach dating after divorce and take care of your sexual health at the same time.

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#BlackSexualHealthMatters: Understanding The Role of PrEP In HIV Prevention

There is a way to prevent the spread of HIV to an uninfected partner along with condom usage thanks to the use of PrEP.

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Get Well Wednesday: Preventive Health Sex Issues

Dr. Yolanda Wimberly discusses the importance of sexual health in the African American community on the Tom Joyner morning show.

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Hookup Apps and the Rise of STDs

The rise of STDs coincides with the growing hookup-app industry.

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Coalition Urges African-Americans to Be Proactive About Sexual Health

Despite greater access to health insurance, many people of color are still not taking advantage of preventive sexual health services.

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Free, Reduced Cost Sexual Health Services in Baltimore

NCSH and Dr. Arik Marcell, MD, MPH, encourage use of preventive sexual health services among African Americans.

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HIV/AIDS: 6 Ways To Protect Yourself Beyond Condoms

Did you know that HIV/AIDS is still one of the top 10 killers among African Americans – 5th for men, 7th for women?