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Drawing from credible, national surveys, the NCSH has produced a profile on the sexual health of youth. The data points below are drawn from this audience profile.

About Youth and Sexual Health:

  • Most youth say they have had a boyfriend or girlfriend, and over half say they have been in love.
  • Yet, more youth are delaying having sex than in the past.
  • One third of youth want more information about how to set sexual boundaries with partners.
  • Most youth are comfortable talking about sex with their partners, but many wait to talk about sexual health until after they’ve had sex.
  • About half of youth have never talked with their parents about sexual-decision making.
  • About 40% of sexually active high school students did not use condoms during their most recent sexual experience.
  • Each year, there are approximately 750,000 teen pregnancies and 368,000 teen births. And, one in four teens has at least one Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). 
  • Less than one in five sexually active youth were tested for both STIs and HIV in the past year.
  • A significant portion of youth want more information on STI prevention, testing, and treatment, and how to talk to partners and parents about sexual health issues.
Click here to read the full Youth and Sexual Health profile.

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